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American Songwriter- "The Hobbs Sisters 'Turn It Up' on well-rounded, energetic debut album." (CLICK HERE for full article)

DISClaimer Single Review: Music Row- "This fizzy, frothy ditty sounds exactly like a summertime party." (CLICK HERE for full article)

-"It was a merging of country music makers at the recent wedding of The Hobbs Sisters' Lauren Hobbs and Nashville drummer Neal Yakopin." (CLICK HERE for full article)

New York Times-"Lauren Hobbs and Neal Yakopin were in sync from the moment Mr. Yakopin became the drummer for her country duo, the Hobbs Sisters." (CLICK HERE for full article)

American Songwriter- "On the front lines of a new, younger generation of writers in Nashville, the duo is emblematic of the unwavering resolve of country music." (CLICK HERE for full article)

The Boot-"The Hobbs Sisters aren't ready to be tied down just yet, and they're offering a warning to anyone who might try with their single, Starting Fires." (CLICK HERE for full article) 

Sounds Like Nashville-"Rising country duo The Hobbs Sisters have released a contemplative breakup song, “What If It Was,” and Sounds Like Nashville has your first listen of it." (CLICK HERE for full article)
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